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May 24 2022, 16:22:24 Maledia - Phobia (2022)
Thats not Gothic Metal, thats Metalcore.
(1) Dante_D,
May 14 2022, 09:33:38 Heldenasche - Der Abgesang (2022)
ЦИТАТА(Mach1naePerson4 @ May 14 2022, 09:21:06) *
Another faceless copycat. Damn, how I miss the times when germany had fantastic Black Metal bands like Lunar Aurora, Nagelfar, and others.

Checkout the Band called Friisk
(1) Mach1naePerson4,
Apr 14 2022, 22:28:32 Incandescence - Le Coeur De L'homme (2022)
One of my favs this year. Excellent songwriting.
(1) Mencae77,
Mar 8 2022, 12:21:10 Acherontas - Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues Of Δαημων (2022)
Acherontas always had a problem with song writing and song progression imho. They are good musicians but the songs and melodies that stick in your head can be counted on one hand...which is crazy in spite of their many releases. I think they use a lot of filler riffs where they don't really have a creative direction they want to go in. They do have good parts in their songs, but they last very short, then comes a progression into a filler riff, and then they try to build up a new interresting part and then filler riff again and so on.

That happens like 4, 5 times per song...and that makes it so hard to for me to say "I'am convinced, this is great stuff". Some parts are great, but never whole songs for some reason. And needless to say nothing sticks in your head even after repeatedly listening.
I think overall their music works best if they have a clear direction with a more minimalistic approach to songwriting. Songs like "Conjuration of the Five Negatives" were great. simple but great. The riffs of that song still comes up from time to time in my head after many years.
(3) Mach1naePerson4, Occultas, rickzammuto,
Dec 17 2021, 01:13:44 Funeral Mist - Deiform (2021)
Everytime a new Funeral Mist album comes out i ask myself "what can i expect?". And i always come to the answer "i wanna be surprised". Which sounds weird, because it's black metal. And i don't want funeral mist to be progressive or change the style or whatever. So ..it's really hard to surprise someone with the thing you are doing for many many years. In the case of funeral mist, beeing surprised comes down to... You hear a certain specific riff or melody that evolves or builds up from the ocean of distortional rhythm guitar riffs which you didn't expect. And you go "wow". Thats the moment i'am looking forward to when a new FM album is spinning.

Well and i gotta say this one has them too. Other than that, Track 2 was like a "wtf" moment overall...weird song for FM but not bad. I'am less a fan of the pure doomy atmospheric songs but luckly theres just one here: Track 6. But every FM album has one of those.

Overall it's chaotic and frantic but atmospheric. But i have to listen it several more times to really judge it.
I wasn't much impressed with Hekatomb for example on the first listen but it grow on me over time. With new Funeral Mist Albums, when i first listen them, i always have the feel the songs are too simplistic, but after several spins they feel quite right.
(4) Antichrist, sabr, Strygaldwir, thenecromancer,
Dec 5 2021, 14:05:52 Chamber Of Unlight - Realm Of The Night (2021)
This is really good stuff, didn't expected it because of the cheap ugly cover. Probably among my fav Albums this year.
(1) Occultas,
Nov 18 2021, 20:30:04 Theatres Des Vampires - In Nomine Sanguinis (2021)
Thats not Gothic Metal...that's Pop Metal.
(1) Mencae77,
Nov 6 2021, 21:47:53 Proscriptor Mcgovern's Apsû - Proscriptor Mcgovern's Apsû (2021)
Can't wait to hear the reason for THIS bandname change.
(1) Occultas,
Nov 4 2021, 18:24:58 Abysmal Grief - Funeral Cult Of Personality (2021)
The last album was pretty boring and repetitive but this one is a lot better. They are in shape again!
(2) DarkHorde, robertho777,
Sep 30 2021, 18:19:49 Light Of The Morning Star - Charnel Noir (2021)
Wouldn't call it Gothic Metal...that's more like Dark Metal. Still i was looking forward to this release, it's an interresting band!
(1) Occultas,
Aug 4 2021, 13:32:24 Night Crowned - Hädanfärd (2021)
Theres something wrong with the mail.ru file...my PC detects it as malicious software. Backdoor software "bladabindi!ml"
(1) pongsifu,
Jul 3 2021, 12:47:19 Clarion Knell - Gates Of Euphoria (2021)
For gods sake..its KrIEger not Kreiger. Why is the german ie/ei vocal so hard to grasp for other people. Kreiger is not a word.
(3) Nattfodd, nsk2008, orgondnor,
Jun 25 2021, 01:20:56 Darkthrone - Eternal Hails...... (2021)
I'am sick of this trend "Let's play 80's Metal because that's the only true form of music".
If they release 90s Black Metal, 80s Speed Metal or 80s Doom Metal...i don't care about their big name and what music they make with it.
First of all Darkthrone is a copy of Celtic Frost. Not just the new material. Everything besides Soulside Journey. They just played it slower, rawer and with more blastbeats at some points. But the riffs and drums were always the same what Celtic Frost did. With the modern albums they just tuned down on the "raw" part to get closer to the 80s Celtic Frost sound because for some reason Fenriz suddenly had a revelation HOW GREAT and TRUE metal was in the 80s. Hence his Speed Metal Tattoo etc. everyone who follows him on social media knows he lives in an old school metal bubble.

If bands wanna play old school stuff i don't have a problem with that but they should just stop trying to sell that as a glorious big thing. Fans totally get their pussies wet for nothing. It's unbelievable to me how a Band like Midnight get so much good reception in the scene...for me the music is just boring. It's old school yes, but it's boring. It's just nothing great. If you have heard one or two first wave black metal albums of the 80's you heard EVERY modern album that falls under this genre - just not so well made. And thats the same with modern Darkthrone Albums. You can't make an Album like Bathory self titled or Celtic Frosts Morbid Tales. Those were products of their time full of unique passion and pubescent defiance - youthful hate. How many old school 80s metal albums does Fenriz wanna release more until he gets bored himself ? I can't imagine playing the riffs and writing the song structures for the new album was exciting to him.

I can't really rate the new album - it's not bad, it's not good..it's just old school metal. It doesn't get me excited and it doesn't make me sick. It's just what it is. A piece of old school metal nobody really needs. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra is probably the best song tho.
Just my opinion.

(5) FullofHate, gemineye006, infiltrator, neludz, Vardlokkur,
Apr 12 2021, 11:42:51 Kirottu - Deity Embers (2021)
This is very good Album..i just wish it were longer. The riffs are addicting. I like also the little pieces of keyboards they sprinkle in here and there.
(2) infiltrator, nsk2008,
Mar 5 2021, 13:49:17 Zaratus - In The Days Of Whore (2021)
Greek Black Metal is so unique...even theres so many BM bands now, they still put out melodies that sound fresh and unusual.
(3) infiltrator, nsk2008, StabWound,
Jan 1 2021, 20:37:48 Transilvania - Of Sleep And Death (2021)
I'am still on the edge about this one.. they are from my country so i give them bonus points. But i've read a review where the autor was like "this sounds so vampiric and medieval"- Honestly i can't hear that.. Something like Krolok from Slovenia captures the essence of vampiric and medieveal brutality/atmospheric a lot more. This is a good Black Metal release, don't get me wrong...it's just nothing out of the ordinary or special. Honestly i think thats the "problem" with a lot of Black Metal bands from my country....they lack a certain direction that identifies them and sets them apart. Besides Abigor and Summoning of course.
This is a nice listen for inbetween but nothing more (at least in my opinion). Oh and also..the Cover is great but i don't think it fits the music very well.
(1) kauyumari,
Dec 28 2020, 15:27:35 Valentine Wolfe - Only Gossamer My Gown (2020)
Because Goth Music is not about Opera singing... It's a big misunderstanding by a lot of people to consider "Gothic Metal" Goth music, which it isn't. Goth music sounds totally different (listen to something like Bauhaus - Mask [the song itself} or She Past Away - Rituel etc.). I really hate Paradise Lost for giving metalheads a false impression of Goth music when they used the term Gothic for their album. They started that whole Gothic Metal genre which is in fact just Doom-Death Metal with female singing mixed in. Metalheads often see Goth music as a joke because of this...cause they think Gothic Metal has something to do with Goths or Goth culture..which isn't the case.

I do admit theres Gothic Metal that is cool like "The Visions Bleak"...but still pretty far away from Goth music itself.
(1) Ghostb,
Dec 28 2020, 11:24:25 Valentine Wolfe - Only Gossamer My Gown (2020)
Stuff like this is why Goth has a bad reputation among Metal listeners
(3) Ghostb, infiltrator, Taakeferd,
Nov 20 2020, 11:00:58 Akhlys - Melinoë (2020)
Thats incredible good Black Metal. But very similar to Nightbringers Apokalpyse Sun Album..
Oct 14 2020, 14:12:07 Wallfahrer - Lightbringer​-​leidbringer (2020)
ЦИТАТА(RUSP73 @ Oct 14 2020, 09:04:48) *
Стандартный немецкий блэк, такого десятки, если не сотни

This pretty much.
But there's a lot of fans to certain styles. Like with norwegian black metal... i know people who state that they only listen to norwegian black metal because that seems to be the best BM style for them. My favorite is greek BM but i wouldn't deny other styles. And so it is with german BM...a lot of people like this specific style. Boring? Yes, but for fans it's probably another feast.
(1) ondrazevsi,
Oct 1 2020, 14:53:46 Isengard - Vårjevndøgn (2020)
Fenriz has no intention to fullfill the dreams of Isengard-fanboys with a second Høstmørke. This new album is basically Fenriz living out his fanatism for old school Heavy/Speed metal once again. Gone are the dark folkloric aspects of his old album.
(3) Antichrist, infiltrator, Occultas,
Sep 30 2020, 12:37:57 Medieval Demon - Arcadian Witchcraft (2020)
This is a HUGE step up from their previous album!
(3) Antichrist, infiltrator, MikaelBox,
Sep 29 2020, 09:27:30 Old Man's Child - Born Of The Flickering (1995)
Can someone upload the remastered version from 2020? https://www.cosmickeycreations.com/old-man-...rder-20-03.html
(1) Occultas,
Sep 9 2020, 14:52:56 Körgull The Exterminator - Sharpen Your Spikes (2020)
I like the band and the cover but that's a case where too much detail is too much. Can't hardly tell whats going on on the cover, but it still looks cool
(1) Samaritianin,
Feb 12 2020, 20:41:22 Faustian Pact - Outojen Tornien Varjoissa (2020)
If theres one thing Finland is excellent in: Synth layered Black Metal
(2) infiltrator, Occultas,

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