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> Cara Neir - Phantasmal (2022), Blackened Cybergrind/Noise Rock/Chiptune (D17)
post Jul 29 2022, 05:31:30
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*Artist: Cara Neir
*Album: Phantasmal
*Year: 2022
*Genre: Blackened Cybergrind/Noise Rock/Chiptune
*Country: United States (IMG:http://metalarea.org/forum/style_images/flags/United%20States.png)
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 77MB

1. Menu (Intro)
2. Melted Candle
3. The Threshold
4. Dispensable and Primed
5. His First Daemon
6. You Can Stare Forever and Still Find Nothing
7. Remember the Bottom Feeders
8. Succipio (Interlude)
9. Unkindness
10. Make It Think We Trust It
11. The Humiston-Scoular
12. Knelt at the Steppe
13. The Damp Moonlight
14. No Escape from
15. Graven Rocks
16. Throttled into Decay
Total playing time: 32:31

Extended info
Line - up:
Garry Brents - All instruments, Vocals (backing) (Gonemage, Homeskin, ex-Ghastrah Proxiima, ex-Parabstruse, ex-Sallow Moth, ex-Semen Across Lips, ex-Thō, ex-Wildspeaker, ex-Bunrage, ex-Lunarian Sea, ex-Nautilusk, ex-Smoosz, ex-Sugar Highlands, ex-Synthetic Onslaught, ex-They Mostly Come Out at Night, ex-Vision Éternel, ex-Writhe)
Chris Francis - Vocals, Lyrics (ex-Sugar Highlands, ex-Synthetic Onslaught)

Guest/session musicians:
Leda Paige - Vocals (backing) (Tracks 3, 4, 5, 9) (Expain, Jisei, The Hallowed Catharsis, Sissy XO)
Dave Norman - Vocals (backing) (Tracks 4, 6, 10)
Alec A. Head - Vocals (clean) (Track 9) (Kosmodemonic, Ghostbound)
Misandr - Noise (Tracks 10, 13) (Gonemage)
Grotesque Misalignment - Outro (Track 16) (Gonemage)
Burst Synapse - Keyboards, Samples, Beat, Vocals (Track 14) (Gonemage)

Phantasmal is a survival horror game. Chris and Garry find themselves warped from The One's RPG Gauntlet into a darker dimension known as Saint Succipio. Pulling the strings of this sinister and strangely familiar place is a pale entity known as Rex. Set in what seems like a suburban neighborhood is an off-kilter dimension with an eerie silence and inhuman presence lurking the deeper one ventures.

5 Characters were "unlocked" for this album from the Phase Out bandcamp vinyl pledge. A special tier of 5 pledgers were awarded with creating a character that we'd commission pixel art according to the character description and then adapt them into Phantasmal's album and dimension.

Millius (ally)
Bio: Ghostly gargoyle. This ghost’s history is shrouded in mystery, but sources say that it has fulfilled 1 of 3 “genie teleportations” and is looking to aid two more beings in order to escape the shackled purgatory that binds it. Very helpful but completely silent, it appears out of smoke as an apparition with gleaming diamond wings. This history was provided by a madman who claims to be Millius’ first “genie transportation”. He babbles (mostly incoherently) but incessantly repeats the story about his descent into madness due to the piercing light from this figure's eyes during the teleportation. He refers to Millius during this final phase as The Diamond Gargoyle. (Character by Lucas Norman / Dave Norman.)

Arthur Frost (villain)
Bio: Victorian ghost who acts a messenger and occasional mercenary to the main villain. He can teleport in a vaporous cloud and disperse himself via a flock of ravens as a means of attack. Can also shoot spectral energy out of his hands and walk through walls. His manner is sardonic, effortless, and urbane. (Character by Alec A. Head of Ghostbound.)

Captain Ishmael (neutral)
Bio: After killing, eating and curing the remainder of meat from that damned whale, Captain Ishmael was in need of a new adventure- he picked space. The crystal engine within his ship burned with the special coals he had found in the Bermuda Triangle, allowing the ship to move at warp speed. This speed allowed the ship to defy gravity completely, and so when the ocean curved, Ishmael's ship jettisoned into the air... and then beyond Earth's atmosphere.

Ishmael's ship, "The Humiston-Scoular" continued to move at warp speed through space, slowed only by a black hole. "Step off, you dirty black hole!" growled Ishmael. (To this day, Captain Ishmael is the only human capable of breathing or audibly saying anything in space.) The black hole wrestled the purple and silver ship, but "The Humiston-Scoular" was determined, like it had a mind of its own, and ripped away from the black hole. The force was so great it actually ripped five musicians from the other side of the space-time continuum into our dimension, where they landed in Ishmael's ship.
Convinced they are still in their own dimension, and appalled by the music of present day earth, they took up the instruments closest to their own with the intent to bring back the noise of their homeland. Not only have friends from the other side been able to join them onstage, their music has been known to put the souls of people from their dimension into the reciprocating bodies in our dimension. Should this happen to you, you are welcome to join them onstage to play or cheer and dance more than ever. But do not attack them, for Captain Ishmael keeps them safe in all their endeavors. Captain Ishmael can use telepathy, ability to warp time/space, and sonic shock. (Character by John Budrow of Captain Ishmael and the Sound Avengers.)

Designation: YLB (neutral ally watching from the distance)
Bio:A cyborg out of time, this melding of organic nervous system and machinery must have been state-of-the-art once, but aeons of neglect and decay have reduced it to a fraction of it's former aptitude. It moves in shambling, jerky pace, creaking and groaning before moments of great alacrity. Somehow after all these years the voicebox is still intact, and it alternates blasting abrasive, oscillating feedback, and ruminating on the philosophical nature of these dimensions. (Character by MISANDR.)

Milefecerium (villain)
Bio: Chaotic evil dog demon. A guard dog of an evil realm called Saint Succipio and familiar to its godlike overseer, Rex. She exudes a vile and noxious smell from her shadowy tentacles, potentially lethal to humans with long-term exposure. (Character by Jon Drew. RIP MILEY.)

Rex's Damnation of Monsters:

Bulkload: Former human scientist, now a lumbering abomination. Standing at 8FT tall with long arms that lumber and drag across the ground and his torso littered with small fingers and eyeballs fused and sticking out of his mutated skin. Shoulders are wide with bones protruding. Pitch black eyes and faced stretched down into a gaping, soulless void, where his lower jaw hangs.

Moonlight: A rage-filled entity with leather bindings on her face. Tattered clothing. Scars carved all over her body. Her nails are long and chipped with exposed and badly bruised feet.

Séamus: An Irish man and criminal who perished in the plague of 1847. Disheveled in appearance, teeth black and broken shackles that hang from his ankles and wrists. As part of his damnation, he is forced to live with vines protruding out of his abdomen along with his intestines wrapping around him, eternally strangling his neck.

Technical info
Input File: 13 - The Damp Moonlight.mp3
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:00:49.38 = 2177438 samples = 3703.13 CDDA sectors
File Size : 1.98M
Bit Rate : 321k
Sample Encoding: MPEG audio (layer I, II or III)
Comments :
Title=The Damp Moonlight
Artist=Cara Neir
Genre=Experimental Post-Black Metal | Grindcore | Hardcore


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Please, re-upload
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QUOTE(deathic @ Sep 28 2022, 16:57:50) *
Please, re-upload

It's free, just name your price.
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74 mb/320 kbps

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