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> Cave - Cave III (2024), Avant-Garde Death/Doom Metal
post Jul 10 2024, 12:24:51
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Правь статус, ####!111
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From: Г.Харьков
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*Artist: Cave
*Album: Cave III
*Year: 2024
*Genre: Avant-Garde Death/Doom Metal
*Country: United States (IMG:https://metalarea.org/forum/style_images/flags/United%20States.png)
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 91MB

1. Prophecy Revealed 05:28
2. Enchanted Tendencies 05:32
3. Beyond Abstraction 06:02
4. Ingenious Concealment 06:15
5. Antiquity Superstition 04:53
6. Pillar 05:37
7. Unifying Worship 04:56
Total playing time: 38:43

Extended info
Cave All instruments, Vocals (2018-present)
See also: 54R, Acausal Intrusion, Acrid Tomb, Ange de la Mort, Ar'lyxkq'wr, Black Spells, Bloodsick, Burial Curse, Cloud of Flies, Conjuration Trance, Corpse Arise, Cynocephalus, Dragón Blanco, Draug, Dussage, Dwelling Below, Eats Aids, Er Murazor, Erusopxecinomeddetaeperhguorhtserisednamuhllafonoitacidarecitametsys, Evaporated Sores, Exsanguinment, Feral Lord, Filtheater, Flesh Configuration, Flittering, Forestfather, Gastric Phantasm, Hollowed Idols, Illithilich, Inner Sphere, Irradiated Marrow, Ishimura, Kamikaze Pilots, Louching, Maggot Crown, Morgue Walker, Mountain of Beard, Myrkridia, Obsidian Hooves, Occulsed, Out of the Mouth of Graves, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Psionic Madness, Qqgcguvhjn, Raum, Sermon of Rot, Shokushu Goukan, Slog, Spawning Vats, Subterranean Birthright, Tacit Annihilation, Tendrils Loom Overhead as Moss Below, The Breaking Wheel, Ultima Weapon, Uzumaki, Vertebrae Fetish Totem, Void Blight, Xvart, Yzordderrex, Zombie Raiders, Zvylpwkua, Scowl, ex-Immaculate Molestation, ex-Ithaqua, ex-The Plague Doctor, ex-Your End, ex-Vomitwolves, A Wall, Bigstrut, Boiled Tongue, Coast Trash, Confined Space, Dragunov, Gestation Curiosity, Great Depression, Hans Assman, Harmacist, Homie Kisses, Hymn, Inalienable, Irregular Vibrations, Looming, Nightcall, Old Woman with No Teeth, Oral Techniques, Popiel, Regress, Ropeman, Scourge Whip, Terror Trance Intrusion Madness, The Incredible Melting Man, Thousand Cuts, Ukakuja, Ull Equip, Waste Management '81, weathervacation, ex-Cosmic Atrophy, ex-Gurthang, ex-Herculean Death, ex-Oshiego, ex-Putrefying Cadaverment, ex-Vixenta, ex-Bunker Buster, ex-Driven by Suffering, ex-I am Spartacus, ex-Markmikemoran, ex-Recovery Period, ex-S & M Party, ex-Seppuku, ex-The Men Behind the Sun, ex-The Nautilus

Technical info
Input File: Cave - Cave III - 07 Unifying Worship.mp3
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:04:56.45 = 13073577 samples = 22234 CDDA sectors
File Size : 12.1M
Bit Rate : 327k
Sample Encoding: MPEG audio (layer I, II or III)
Comments :
Title=Unifying Worship
Album=Cave III


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post Jul 10 2024, 15:37:41
Post #2

Правь статус, ####!111
Group: Металариец
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From: Bretagne
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damn!! I didn't expect this hateful, noisy & dissonant death/doom (IMG:style_emoticons/default/20.gif) (IMG:style_emoticons/default/17.gif)


(1) Bannanik,
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post Jul 11 2024, 08:44:44
Post #3

Два Литра
Group: Завсегдатай
Posts: 134
Releases: 0
From: Рыгалово
On Forums: 1 year 9 months
Thanks: 107 time(s)

Очень хаотичная и сумбурная десуха с диссонансами, нечленораздельным вокалом и хаосом. Очень напоминает кровавый понос. Дума не обнаружено.
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post Jul 11 2024, 10:10:49
Post #4

Group: Металариец
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From: Санкт-Петербург
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Russian Federation

ЦИТАТА(Perkele @ 11th July 2024 - 10:44:44) *
Очень хаотичная и сумбурная десуха с диссонансами, нечленораздельным вокалом и хаосом.

В принципе, вполне исчерпыаающая характеристика для любого из слышанных мной проектов (см. под спойлером - хотел было подсчитать их, но не стал рисковать) этого страдающего "творческой“ диареей невменяемого.

(1) ingram,
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