You can download the entire The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR album for FREE at this location.
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“For years I was taught to hate Arabs and was told how much they hate me and my nation. I was sure Israelis and Arabs, Jews and Muslims could never live in peace. But then something happened, a small movement rose up from the music that taught me more than any teacher, guru, rabbi or sheik could ever do, it is the music of my band: Orphaned Land.
I know that a fan of Barcelona will never cheer for Real Madrid. So how can it be that Arab people follow my Israeli band? The answer is simple; the power of music to bring people together! Music has the force to break down walls. Even worst enemies can find a song they both love and right there, in that moment where they can find something in common, opens a door to dialogue, where we understand that we are all one, we are all just people with the same hopes and fears.

We consider you, our Arab fans, to be the most brave metal heads in the world. Since it is you who are the true ‘underground’. We know how hard it is to be a metal head in the Middle East. We would like you to know that we, as pioneers of the Middle Eastern Metal genre, are trying our best to be your voice too. We are doing this without getting into politics that have divided us for ages. I already know that music can bring people together since I see how many fans we have in the Arab world, despite the fact we are Israelis.

I know that all the wars and nonsense they put in our heads are nothing but lies. I know it because we succeeded to reveal that, and we are not politicians, we are just a heavy metal band at the end of the day. Politics will only bring us to be like our leaders, who fail again and again. While you and us, the ‘small people’, we succeed. We are having our dialogue!

Our music is banned in your countries, we cannot come and play a concert for you. Even so, this will never break the bond of music and friendship that exists between us. I see you, our fans, as a miracle. You give us the inspiration to continue as far and as strong as we can.

Therefore, we have found a way to make our latest album available in your countries – FOR FREE! we hope that you’ll enjoy it and spread the word.

Our countries flags might have different signs and colors but deep in our hearts shines the same flag — the flag of hope, friendship and brotherhood. Don’t you ever forget that— it is our duty as ‘Disciples of the Sacred Oath’.

With love, peace, Salam & Shalom,
Orphaned Land.“

Поясню, группа официально выложила последний альбом для друзей с Арабскими айпи, рука дружбы bye.gif

[quote name='aesteticvice' post='1062716' date='Feb 19 2011, 09:22:42']You can download the entire The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR album for FREE at this location.