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Full Version: Unholy Massacre - Discography 1997-2007 [best of/compilation] (2012)
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*Artist: Unholy Massacre
*Album: Discography 1997-2007 [best of/compilation]
*Year: 2012
*Genre: Death/Thrash/Black Metal
*Country: Brazil
*Format: mp3@CBR128kbps
*Size: 60MB

1-Intro (War)
2-Nuclear Atomicide
3-Storm of Hate
4-Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
5-Crepúsculo dos Deuses
6-Grim Bomber
7-Massive attack
8-Outro (Guerrilla)
9-The Gods Faeces (Sarcófago cover)
10-Storm of Hate (Reh'01)
11-Intro + Brazilian Deathsquad Attack
12-Merciless Hecatomb
13-Endless War
15-Genocídio Final'98
16-Crepúsculo dos Deuses (Reh'98)
17-Bestial Warfare (Reh'98)
18-Necrocult Pt. I (Necrocult cover)
19-Rain of Bombs (Reh'01)
20-H.P.B.C. (Reh'01)
21-Crepúsculo dos Deuses (Reh'00)
22-Sodomize the conscience (promo track 2007)
Total playing time: 60:01:41

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re-up please!!!
please re upload it, thanks in advance
Link Death!
Please can you reup
QUOTE(Wail @ Dec 7 2019, 08:21:05) *
Please can you reup

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Is this a fan made compilation? i can not find it listed anywhere (discogs, metal archives, spirit of metal, etc)
QUOTE(canadaspaceman @ Apr 23 2020, 17:27:41) *
Is this a fan made compilation? i can not find it listed anywhere (discogs, metal archives, spirit of metal, etc.)

It's possible, since this release was put by moderators here on "find area"...
I downloaded each mp3 off a website that gave no information as what album or cassette they are from.
Unholy Massacre [Brazil] Death-Thrash-Black Metal, various mp3's @128
39 minutes 10 seconds
1. Intro (1:12)
2. Nuclear Atomicide (1:43)
3. Storm of Hate (3:15)
4. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (1:58)
5. Crepusculo dos Deuses (3:36)
6. Grim Bomber (2:02)
7. Massive Attack (4:35)
8. Outro (1:34)
9. The Gods Faeces (Sarcofago cover) (3:05)
10. Brazilian Deathsquad Attack (2:28)
11. Mercilles Hecatomb (2:58)
12. Endless War (2:38)
13. A.K.D.F. (3:20)
14. Genocidio Final (4:22)
15. Rain of Bombs (0:24)
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