Heavy/Folk Metal
Lyrical Theme(s):
History, Battles, Drinking
Finland (Jyväskylä/Uurainen)
Formed In:
Current line-up:
Jani - Accordion, Vocals
Markus - Drums
Juha Takkunen - Guitars (ex-Shaman)
Kaisa - Violin, Vocals
Markku - Vocals, Bass
Former/Past Member(s):
Marko - Drums
Jere - Guitars
Maria - Kantele
Hanna - Violin, Vocals
Karoliina - Violin, Vocals (backing)
Peppi - Vocals
Jaakko - Vocals (backing)
Additional notes
The band was officially formed in 2006 by Juha who had auditioned for Ensiferum a couple of years earlier. After having declined the Ensiferum position due to lacking playing skills, Juha ended up composing on his own and new songs started to take shape quite quickly, and Juha and Markku started conceiving an idea of a metal band.

Music-wise Tammiyön Kilta is a bit tricky to define, or is it? There are elements of 80s metal, folk-metal, viking metal and finnish music style called "iskelmä" to name a few. Listeners are definitely free to draw their own conclusions. You can view some of the band's members' mutual influences on the left side of the page. Nevertheless, all band members have very different music tastes from each other and each member brings one's own influences in their personal playing style.

Tammiyön Kilta - Demo #1 [demo] - 2007
Tammiyön Kilta - Muutama [demo] - 2008
Tammiyön Kilta - Naky [demo] - 2009
Tammiyön Kilta - Vaakuna [demo] - 2010
Tammiyön Kilta - Matkan Pää [full-length] - 2013

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