*Artist: Black Tribe
*Album: Die Off And Fuck [demo]
*Year: 2019
*Genre: Experimental Black Metal, Industrial/Noise
*Country: Germany
*Format: flac
*Size: 59MB

1. Die Off and Fuck 02:05
2. Severed Hand Holding Daisies (David E. Williams cover - Remastered) 03:12
3. Born to Die in the Gutter (Discharge cover - Remastered) 02:33
Total playing time: 7:50

Extended info
Line - up:

Sarah's Demented Twin - All instruments (Alpha Drone, ex-Satanity, ex-Verdorben, Fearless North Koreans from Hell, Gre'thor, Hymn to Mechagodzilla, The Falcons of Zagreb, The Ian Brady Bunch, ex-Das Urteil, ex-Draugburz, ex-Fuck Xasthur, ex-Kriegsgeflüster, ex-The Continuum, ex-The Silence, ex-Wehrmut)


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