*Artist: The Catalyst
*Album: Glory Through Steel 4 Festival, Toronto [bootleg]
*Year: 2009
*Genre: Melodic Death Metal
*Country: Canada
*Format: flac
*Size: 175MB

1. When the Sun Shall Rise 06:40
2. hello Toronto (band wasting audience time) 01:14
3. Provocation 05:22
4. Collapse of Reason 05:35
5. The Burning 03:52
6. Call from Within (cuts off) 02:41
Total playing time: 25:24

Extended info
The Catalyst (Montréal, Quebec) 2009-08-15 Saturday @ GTS 4 Festival, Toronto
FLAC files
audience recording and rip by canadaspaceman
poor audio , for die hard fans only
The soundman turned the PA up and the loud bass drums kept clipping the sound.


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