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Full Version: Locus Animæ - Magia D'inchiostro [single] (2023)
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*Artist: Locus Animæ
*Album: Magia D'inchiostro [single]
*Year: 2023
*Genre: Gothic/Black Metal
*Country: Italy
*Format: flac
*Size: 72MB

1. Magia D'Inchiostro 05:34
Total playing time: 5:34

Extended info
Line - up:

Nicolò Paracchini - Bass, Vocals (backing), Flute (Agoraphobia, Amalekim, Argesh, Astray, Cortexiphan, Helion, I Hate When Elevator's Door Open Up and a Raptor Appears in Front of Me, ex-Evideon, Insideyes, Regression in Enthropia, ex-Ghostly Aerie Coven (live), ex-Humm (live), ex-Kenòs (live))
Brian Cara - Guitars, Guitars (rhythm)
Gregory Sobrio - Vocals, Ocarina, Vocals (Ego the Enemy, Nocturnal Breeze, ex-Evideon, Argesh (live))
Emmanuele Iacono - Guitars (lead) (Flamestrike, Helion)
Vera Clinco - Vocals (Caelestis, ex-Cynerea, ex-Mefas)
Norman Ceriotti - Drums (Defamed, Ego the Enemy, Celtic Hills (live), Dark Phantom (live), Fictio Solemnis (live), Grind Zero (live), Olamot (live), StartingFire (live), ex-Astral Path, ex-Eden Beast, ex-Alkemy (live), Blue Neon, Clairvoyance, Olona Trio, Putrefactlungsgrinder, Roll for Initiative, ex-Alltheniko (live), ex-Cyrax (live), ex-Deathtopia (live), ex-Delirant Chaotic Sound (live), ex-Lelahell (live), ex-Stormcrow (live))

Technical info

Input File: 01 Magia D\'Inchiostro.flac
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 24-bit
Duration : 00:05:34.61 = 14756308 samples = 25095.8 CDDA sectors
File Size : 71.9M
Bit Rate : 1.72M
Sample Encoding: 24-bit FLAC
Comments :
Nel buio
Oltre me

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