*Artist: Dark Legion
*Album: The Silver Dollar Club,toronto [bootleg]
*Year: 1988
*Genre: Heavy Metal
*Country: Canada
*Format: mp3@VBR142kbps
*Size: 28MB

1. Illusion 06:30
2. Banishings 03:29
3. My Every Command 03:12
4. Paralyzed Expression 04:23
5. Plotting to Return 04:27
6. Step Inside the Mirror 05:02
Total playing time: 27:03

Extended info
vbr 145-146 kbps


audience recording

Thanks to Ken Wakefield for the original rip and upload.

This was shared a very long time ago, but NOW this is the full set, with all 6 songs.

After band member changes, Dark Legion stopped playing only thrash, and went more heavy metal.

Opened for Blind Illusion.
DBC was advertised , but did not play.

Mark Watts - Vocals, Guitars (ex-Massacre, pre-Anti Trust Division)
Ken Wakefield - Guitars (pre-Overthrow)
Michael Rosenthal - Drums (Cranky Tom, pre-Sacrifice)
Colin Young - Bass

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