*Artist: Crepitation
*Album: If You Want Blood​(​stock) [live]
*Year: 2024
*Genre: Brutal Death Metal
*Country: United Kingdom
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 70MB

1. Engulfed in Enjoogulation
2. Pathological Armoured Ferret Tank
3. Devourification of Skewerised Rotisserie Hominids
4. Archaeological Clacker Valve Array
5. Gelatinous Interdimensional Spunk Trumpet
6. The Gyrospastic Photomancer (Purging of the Able-bodied)
7. Ophthalmic Arterial Hammerage
8. Equine Phallic Impalement
9. Barkakke
10. Incongruous Penilectomy
Total playing time: 29:01

Extended info

Line - up:

Joe Mortimer - Bass (Awaken the Misogynist, Bodysnatch, Colpocleisis, Eye-Gouge, ex-Cancerous Womb, ex-Neuroma, ex-Sadistic Undertorture, ex-Ogun, ex-Corrupt Moral Altar (live), ex-Exhumation (live), ex-Intravenous Contamination (live), ex-Kastrated (live), ex-Splattered (live), ex-The Gribble Report)
Chris Butterworth - Vocals (Anoxide, Castle of the Winds, Goreinhaled, Kastrated, ex-Necrotic, ex-Neuroma, ex-Scatorgy, ex-Chainsaw Castration (live))
Tripy Pijin - Drums (Magpyes, Chinsniffer, Horsebastard, ex-Dismal (live), ex-AMERiCANS, ex-Stig Noise Sound System, ex-The Toxic Pijin)
Ste Moses - Guitars (Colpocleisis, Exhumation, Kastrated, ex-Kryocell, ex-Spawned from Hate, ex-Slamentation (live))
Mark Pearce - Vocals (low) (Amputated, ex-Black Grave, ex-Slob, ex-Nauseum, ex-Disfortune, ex-Goat Molestation)

Technical info

Input File: 02. Pathological Armoured Ferret Tank.mp3
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:02:26.92 = 6479304 samples = 11019.2 CDDA sectors
File Size : 5.95M
Bit Rate : 324k
Sample Encoding: MPEG audio (layer I, II or III)
Comments :
Title=Pathological Armoured Ferret Tank
Album=If You Want Blood(stock) (Live)
Genre=Brutal Death Metal

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