*Artist: Stahlmantel
*Album: Krieg Total Totaler Krieg [demo]
*Year: 1999
*Genre: Industrial/Dark Electro
*Country: Germany (Grevenbroich,North Rhine-Westphalia)
*Format: mp3@CBR192kbps
*Size: 23MB

1.In die weite Welt hinein (5:10)
2.Verbrannt im toten Blut (0:43)
3.Krieg Total Totaler Krieg (4:53)
4.Redrum (1:31)
5.Stahlpunz (4:27)
Total playing time: 16:44

Side project of Jόrgen Bartsch (Bethlehem (Ger),Deinonychus)

Current line-up
Jόrgen Bartsch - All Instruments, Electronics (Bethlehem (Ger), Deinonychus)
Nihilist - Vocals (In Memorium (US), Thy Infernal, Wraithen, Lord Gore, Murdergod, Fall of the Bastards, Menacer (US), Abazagorath)
Cameron - Shrieks

This demo was never released for the public, this demo was only played in different German
underground industrial clubs at midnight. It's now available for download at
Stahlmantel' site.

Also,partially available are "from snuff..." & "Opus Abgott" demos.

check here:http://www.stahlmantel.com/kreationen.html

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