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Metal Area - Extreme Music Portal _ New Releases _ No Sun Rises - Dominium Terrae (2021)

Posted by: Funeral Frost Oct 12 2021, 20:34:33

*Artist: No Sun Rises
*Album: Dominium Terrae
*Year: 2021
*Genre: Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal
*Country: Germany
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 68MB

1. Dominium Terrae 18:38
2. Drowning in Silence 11:03
Total playing time: 29:41

Technical info

Input File: 02 - Drowning in Silence.mp3
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:11:03.26 = 29249854 samples = 49744.6 CDDA sectors
File Size : 26.7M
Bit Rate : 322k
Sample Encoding: MPEG audio (layer I, II or III)
Comments :
Title=Drowning in Silence
Artist=No Sun Rises
Album=Dominium Terrae

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Posted by: Storky Nov 17 2021, 16:53:29

Woman vocals is 9/10, its major gold and beauty of this release. Music under female vocals is mainly gothic-pop wich is also very enjoyable.
Male vocals supported by ABM music is quite bad, reminds worst of one man ABM releases from USA scene.
This conclusion I made before reading the note about NSBM on bandcamp.
Taking the all NSBM branches and blame it with nazi sympathy is about the same logic, that nazis sorted peoples by one accentuated property and limited their right.
Seems this zoomers are extremely stupid which is explains the quality of ABM part :D

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