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Metal Area - Extreme Music Portal _ New Releases _ Pentandra - From Below (2023)

Posted by: Samaritianin Jan 23 2023, 23:19:20

*Artist: Pentandra
*Album: From Below
*Year: 2023
*Genre: Melodic Black/Death/Folk Metal
*Country: Spain
*Format: mp3@CBR320kbps
*Size: 135MB

1. Inside Darkness 01:55
2. Midnight Soulfire 04:48
3. Folk Medicine 03:05
4. Ancient's Trail 03:08
5. The Prophecy 04:45
6. Caller of Moonless Nights 03:33
7. Condescendant Sorrow 04:03
8. Al-Kojol 04:04
9. Rumspell 04:41
10. Winter Morning 05:11
11. The Dance 04:43
12. Moonchill 05:55
13. The Path 05:57
14. Outside Darkness 03:04
Total playing time: 58:52

Technical info

Input File: 10 - Winter Morning.mp3
Channels : 2
Sample Rate : 44100
Precision : 16-bit
Duration : 00:05:11.00 = 13715100 samples = 23325 CDDA sectors
File Size : 12.5M
Bit Rate : 322k
Sample Encoding: MPEG audio (layer I, II or III)
Comments :
Title=Winter Morning
Album=From Below

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Posted by: Samaritianin Jan 24 2023, 17:48:31

FLAC (Tracks) 422 mb
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Posted by: Jamesdiurb Jan 26 2023, 05:14:35

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Posted by: Victim of fate Mar 16 2023, 05:35:10

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